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Five female-identifying Sprout employees of diverse ethnicities engaging in friendly dialogue.

Building a diverse, equitable and inclusive workplace

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DEI at Sprout

At Sprout Social, we’re committed to building a diverse team, fostering an inclusive culture and investing in equity across our organization. By prioritizing equity, defined as system-level change, we ensure that our practices support a diverse and inclusive environment.

Members of the Black at Sprout business resource group proudly holding photos of influential Black leaders in history.

A sense of belonging

We believe that the ability to bring your full self to work enables you to do your best work. We’re passionate about creating a workplace and culture where all of our employees feel a sense of belonging and are empowered to be their authentic selves.

Members of the Black at Sprout business resource group proudly holding photos of influential Black leaders in history.

Every voice matters

DEI at Sprout is a companywide effort made possible by the contributions of everyone on our team. Your voice matters and your input helps drive each DEI initiative forward. This collaborative approach allows us to hold one another accountable and help make our important work a reality.

A breakout discussion between racially and gender-diverse Sprout employees during a monthly DEI guild meeting.

Diversity at every level

Our commitment to DEI work is everyone’s job—from senior executives to individual contributors. Our executive team plays an active role in our DEI work to ensure a range of perspectives are represented in decision-making at all levels and across all departments.

A member of the DEI Leadership team presenting live and remotely during a monthly DEI guild meeting.

2021 Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Report

Open dialogue is imperative to progress, especially when discussing our DEI efforts and how we can improve. Read the report to learn more about the makeup of our team and how we will continue to champion DEI at Sprout.

Read the Report Now

Access previous reports

2020 DEI Report

Current initiatives

Workplace benefits

Sprout offers all-gender restrooms, a 16-week parental leave policy for both primary and secondary caregivers, parenting rooms in the office for nursing parents and a rescue room—along with other dedicated quiet spaces—for those seeking space to care for their mental health.

DEI Guild meetings

Our monthly DEI Guild meetings provide a space for our team to learn about different cultures, identities and societal challenges that marginalized groups face. Recent meetings have explored the US criminal justice system, understanding intersectionality and unsung heroes of Black America.

DEI Leadership Team

Our leadership team is made up of an internal executive and advisory board. These groups facilitate and advocate for DEI at Sprout by leading key initiatives, sharing resources and empowering people to further their own DEI education.

Resource groups

Members of our resource groups are people who share a common purpose, interest or background. Our current groups include: Black@Sprout, LGBTQ@Sprout, Women@Sprout, Asians@Sprout, Cafecito (Latinx/Hispanic), Accessibility@Sprout and Underrepresented Genders in Tech@Sprout.

Training & development

To ensure our hiring and management practices are equitable, all new hires receive an introduction to DEI and unconscious bias training in their first month at Sprout. Our learning and development program, Grow@Sprout, contains courses for continued DEI learning and small groups meet monthly to extend discussions from previous DEI Guild meetings.

Community engagement

Team Sprout engages in the community in a number of ways, including partnering with organizations that serve the priority identity groups of our DEI efforts and leading internal initiatives like our annual Philanthropy Week, Technology Giving Program and our volunteering program, Sprout Serves.

Community Resource Groups

Community Resource Groups (CRGs) are employee-led groups for traditionally underrepresented communities to come together at Sprout. CRGs support business initiatives through four lenses: culture, colleagues, commercial interests and community. Each group works directly with an executive sponsor, presents their strategic plans to our Executive Team and receives a budget to support their programming for the year. Our current groups include:

Accessibility at Sprout

A11y @ logo: an open eye with pupil and iris shown as a pixelated plus sign.

A11y@Sprout is committed to strengthening awareness and deep knowledge of accessibility topics and creating equitable solutions to barriers in our services and facilities.

Asians at Sprout

Asians @ logo: A symmetrical star-shaped floral motif.

Asians@Sprout provides a space for Asian-identifying individuals to learn from and support one another, while promoting shared experiences and cultures with our team.

Black at Sprout

Black @ logo: A vibrant, shining sun surrounding a compass in the Pan-African colors.

Black@Sprout presents opportunities that accelerate personal growth, professional development and career exploration in order to increase retention.

Cafecito: Latinx at Sprout

Latinx @ logo: A diamond-shaped paper flag with a central motif of coffee beans and natural elements.

Cafecito connects Latinx and Hispanic-identifying employees to opportunities in tech and helps current employees grow and develop new skills.

L G B T Q I A plus at Sprout

L G B T Q I A + @ logo: A flowing rainbow flag led by the colors representing Black, Brown, Trans and Non-Binary pride.

L G B T Q I A+@Sprout is dedicated to assisting employees in their professional and personal development and ensuring a safe and supportive work environment for all.

Parents at Sprout

Parents @ logo: layered shades of red create a heart symbold

Parents at Sprout equips current and future parents with resources to feel prepared, supported and empowered while navigating life as a working parent.

Underrepresented Genders in Tech at Sprout

UGIT @ logo: A boldly colored gemstone symbolic of the unique value and strength of underrepresented genders.

UGIT@Sprout creates a community that offers opportunities for recognition, professional development, solidarity and learning for underrepresented genders in tech.

Women at Sprout

Women @ logo: A braided circle woven from fibers in warm, mature hues.

Women@Sprout aims to educate and empower women, and allies, to acknowledge and address the challenges faced by women in the workplace.

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Our commitment

What we’re doing today is just the beginning. While our DEI work has had a positive impact on our business, team and customers, we acknowledge there is still a great amount of work needed to truly move the needle on diversity. We promise to continue championing DEI and investing in equity by partnering with our leaders to make systemic change, educating our team with ongoing learning opportunities and continuing to support our community through philanthropy and service.

Sprout's large and diverse Sales team is attentive and engaged at the annual Sales Kick-off meeting.

Employee Reviews

“Sprout supports bringing your whole self to work”

“The most impressive and admirable part of Sprout’s culture is its emphasis on creating an open and inviting workspace for all individuals. A lot of companies preach the importance of DEI, but few invest in it as actively as Sprout does. It is clear that Sprout believes that individuals will perform their best work if they are able to truly be themselves in a work environment without fear of judgment or repercussions.”

Senior Manager in Chicago, IL

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